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Flying a drone? Something for you or your company?

Yes! The latest developments in multi-rotor technlogy make flying safe, easy and affordable.

  • Brushless electric engines provide plenty of power with minimal power consumption
  • Intelligent and GPS controlled on board flight controleers will continuously stabilise your drone in flight, and the on-board auto-pilot automatically brings it back to the take-off location in case of loss of control, or empty batteries.
  • LiPo batteries will give you longer flying times
  • Electronic stabilisation systems keep the camera stable to get nice and smooth video footage and blurr-free photographs, even for starting pilots!
  • Collision avoidance is rapidly becoming a standard on commercially available UAS.
  • Smart video software in combination with intelligent auto pilot functions make creating the hardest shots easy, look professional and safe when used in combination with the collision avoidance sensors. 


To help people get started with flying SAFELY (what goes up, MUST come down, and we prefer that to be slowly and controlled, not 'gravity-inspired'...) Videocopter Services provides private and group trainig for hobbyists and companies. These short 1/2-to-1 day training sessions or workshops at your location of choice explain and exercize:

  • The basics of flying
  • Drone preparation and basic maintenance
  • Flight safety
  • Flight training
  • Rules and Regulations


This training gets people started and confident to further train on their own and prevents all the regular beginner mistakes, preventing dangerous situations and the otherwise 'obligatory starter crashes'. It is basically up to you: do you want to spend money on crashing your drone? or on learning from an experienced pilot, learning the Do's, preventing the Don't's.. 

Videocopter Services can provide flight training anywhere in the world. Contact us for more information!

Important: We are not a government recognized training facility.

 Training session in Southern Germany, January 2014