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Drone GPS Logger

Some countries legally require Drone Pilots to keep accurate track of their flights. For this purpose Videocopter Services uses a light weight (20 grams) automatic GPS (SiRF III) logger, that allows you to record your flights with up to 64.000 waypoints in time, coordinates and altitudes. The easy to use software plots your flights on Google Maps or Google Earth, and accurately reports time, distance, GPS location, flown altitudes and speed.

The used logger, the i-gotU GT-120 USB GPS Travel Logger can be bought from Amazon.com, usually for about US$ 60.

According to the manual, geotagging photographs is also possible (we did not research/test this function ourselves).

For details, watch the movie:


Drone GPS Logger mounted on a DJI Phantom landing gear. 

Flight mapping result in the included software (PC). Graph shows time, speed and flown altitudes.

Flight mapping result transferred with one click to Google Earth