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What to do if you do NOT want drones overhead?


Drones* have become an integral part of reality. Millions have been sold worldwide, for professional, but moreover for personal- and hobby use. 


Governments have a hard time managing the immense influx of new pilots enjoying this newfound freedom. Rules differ greatly per country and enforcing rules and regulations with drones that are not bigger than an average backpack, are up-and-running in minutes and gone at least as fast, is really hard.


So what to do if you do not want drones over your property, park, hotel, resort or the grounds you manage? Your visitors come from all over the world, bring their drones and fly around unless they are stopped by on ground staff. Why not use a simple ‘no drones allowed’ sign at the entrance?



We ourselves do not come across such a sign even in places where we expect drones to be really unwanted, like amusement parks for example. That is why we have created a no-drones pictogram, like a no drone logo, which can be used as a sign, just like you would use a no-smoking sign. The design is based on a quad-rotor drone, because it has become the best-recognised drone shape by the vast majority of people. And most drone hobbyists will respect these signs when indicated at a proper place like the entrance of a park or area. And in order to prevent people from flying drones other than a quadcopter, a version with text is available too.



Will 'no-drones' stickers ever become as common as other and readily available at DIY stores?

If you want to acquire a digital version of the two images please contact us! We can e-mail them to you for just one payment of US $ 9.00. If you want to become the owner of the design, that is possible too for US $ 90.00. We have no further desire to develop a whole line of stickers/signs to sell.


* Drone is the general term for Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), Remotely piloted Aerial System (RPAS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (AUV) and could be a fixed wing or multorotor aircraft.


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