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Artist impression; image courtesy of Mariska Wildeman


June 2016: Guns vs Drones. We do not approve of using firearms to shoot drones out of the sky, but this movie clarifies all questions you might have pertaining to doing so. Even world champion FPV racers with brand new super fast drones do not stand a chance. Please do not try this at home, EVER!


May 2016: Intel creates a fantastic light show with 100 drones in the night sky in Palm Springs, CA. Just image what the future holds for drone shows like this one, but with a thousand or even more drones. I can imagine every drone being a pixel in a huge HD screen in the sky. 


February 2016: A ridiculously beautiful movie shot in St. Petersburg with a DJI S1000 and Canon 5D Mark III. Must-see-TV!: Shot by Andrey Efimov at Aerial.Timelab.Pro. Compliments to Andrey! 


September 11th 2015; DJI introduces the new Zenmuse X5 4/3 Sensor Camera for the Inspire Platform. Really taking The Inspire platform to the level of professional cinematography. Congratulations DJI! and thank you!!  


September 11th 2015; DJI introduces the new Lightbridge 2 technology, usable on many of their existing platforms. Lower latency and higher reliability. Let's find out if the US $ 1,399 upgrade is worthwhile!

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