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Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment launches a public campaign ‘Fly Safe With Drones’ in The Netherlands


Part of the most recent changes in drone legislation in The Netherlands also entails a government funded public campaign to educate drone hobbyists about the dangers they can pose to emergency services trying to get to the site of an accident for urgent medical or police operations. More than once these emergency services encountered nosy drones exploring the site of the accident, effectively hampering emergency care for victims.

Translation: Cloud: Fly safe with drones. In red: If you are flying, we can't do anything! Land your drone as soon as  emergency services arrive. Do not fly in the vicinity of emergencies. For more information see rijksoverheid.nl/drones.


This campaign features 3 national radio commercials also informing drone hobbyists about restrictions related to flying over crowds of people or near airports. These commercials (in Dutch..) can be found online!


Hopefully this campaign will better educate hobbyist drone operators about dangers like flying over build areas, flying over people and roads, and of course about flying close to airports. Details about the quickly expanding campaign can be found at www.rijksoverheid.nl/drones


Under discussion with drone-distributors is how to educate customers new to the fascinating world of drones, on rules, regulations, responsibilities and potential dangerous situations, with for example an obligatory brochure that has to be delivered with each new drone.


The new regulations could possibly be perceived as ‘restrictive’, but in our opinion, the new rules do not over-regulate or over-restrict hobbyist drone usage and are therefore usefull. Flying drones still is absolutely fascinating, safe and easy, and can only stay so if we all fly safe and responsibly!