Our beautiful planet from above

Aerial footage is awe-inspiring!

Welcome to Videocopter Services!

Videocopter Services focusses on professional UAS / UAV / RPAS, or 'Drone', operation and product development for both the professional and the hobby-pilot. 


We provide (international) consulting on suitable types of drones to match your needs, information on compliance with official rules and regulatons and hands-on flight training and workshops. We support hobby-pilots, wishing to start a new hobby, or businesses looking to start a new service within their own company that requires, or could benifit from, the footage gathered by a professional grade video- or photocamera mounted on a stable and areal rig (the drone).


As official distributor of DJI Products, we can provide customers with a whole range of flying platforms at the best possible price and with warranty. Within the range of DJI's Drones, almost all wishes and demands can be met, from starter to ultra-professional.

UAV available for training purposes: DJI Phantom 4